Cappuccino is an espresso-based coffee type similar to Latte. Equal amounts and usually 60 ml of espresso are milk and milk puffs. The tobacco differs from Latte by heating. The foam on it, the lips to stick to the stick is thick and dense consistency.

The name is again like the Americano II. It's from World War II. At that time in Italy, Capuchin was a huge white hat on top of the great pardes of the named priests. These priests brew the milk to increase the amount of milk, bringing the kahves to become more tangled and so resentful. That's why the name of this kind of cabbage came from the Capuchin Priests and became Cappuccino.

The difference between Cappuccino Latte

Cappuccino is separated from Caffe Latte by volume and presentation. Latte is served with 250-300 ml with large glasses, while Cappuccino is served between 150-200 ml in cups with handles. The milk layer of Cappuccino is more coarse and more foamy, while there is a thinner foam on the lathe.