• The Best World Cups
    Best World's Kahn & Most Variety On a corner of the world, on a very private farm, our journey is in search of the seeds that add different beauties to the DNA from the geography. We meet these producers and suppliers in order to reach these beauties, you coffee lovers, we are looking for the best world kahves. Every time, we share it with a brand of Moliendo Finest Coffee for a taste of the same perfection.
  • Our story
    Our coffee, from the ranches all over the world, first the expert scrapers, then the journey to you ...Hollywood Star & Hollywoodstarcoffee.com In the coffee-growing market in Turkey Hollywood Star Coffee set out in order to be a reliable supplier of Food Industry and Trade Limited Company was founded in 2018 in Antalya.  We are making a difference with product freshness, diversity, service and sustainability both in institutional and individual coffee supply. We also create special coffee menus and blending prescriptions for Horeca and provide sectoral support for consulting issues.